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How Much Does A Car Breathalyzer Cost?

There are many businesses in Kansas that deal with the installation and maintenance of ignition interlock devices or breathalyzers. As you would imagine, they are in it for business so the cost to acquire and install varies. On average, most interlock companies charge about $75 for the installation, $75 every month for the duration of use and another $75 to uninstall it when the period of use expires.

In case you change cars and still require using the breathalyzer, it will cost you money to have it transferred between vehicles.

Once you have been entered into the ignition interlock program, the vehicle on which it has been installed must be taken to the device provider after a month or two so that they can download data from it. Sometimes the device requires calibration and the provider is the only authorized handler to do it; this will have a cost on your end.

Having a breathalyzer on your car does not restrict you from consuming alcohol, but you will be at a disadvantage if you need to drive. The device is installed in such a way that you have to breathe into it every time to unlock the ignition. If the device detects alcohol in your breath, it will ground the car. This action automatically sends a message to the court records database. If you want to be safe and avoid tainting your record, it is during such times that you should consider taking a taxi home or asking a friend to drive. If you have the car locked due to an alcohol failure, the device provider will charge you to reset it. In addition to that, they will report you to the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Breaking down the cost of a breathalyzer

Depending on the duration of time you are supposed to have the breathalyzer on your car ignition and the number of times you will have it reset, the total cost will vary greatly from one user to another. The fact that you have the device installed in your car does not mean that you have bought it; you are in essence leasing it to use for a specific duration of time. if you want to get a rough estimate of how much you will spent on a breathalyzer by the time it is removed, factor in the following;

  • Installation cost
  • Monthly lease fee
  • Calibration fee
  • Removal fee

Does the car you drive affect the cost of having a breathalyzer?

The simple answer is YES. This is because newer car models have more complex wiring systems compared to older versions of the same. This is why it is important to be generous with your estimate amounts, even when you have accurate figures for the calculations – allow room for the price to go up. Did you know that Kansas residents can benefit from financial assistance specifically to help fund the IID program? It starts by submitting the Kansas Ignition Interlock Device Indigency Program application.

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