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Can Someone Drive Your Car If You Have A Breathalyzer?

When your loved one gets convicted of a DUI, they might end up with an order to install an ignition interlock device or breathalyzer in the car. But, this could get you wondering whether anyone else can drive that car.

Yes- someone can drive your car with a breathalyzer as long as they follow a couple of restrictions and requirements. The ignition interlock device does not prevent other people from driving your car. Sometimes, you share your car with your spouse, or your son wants to have some road trip. As long as they are licensed under the Kansas law, then there should be no problem. However, they need to abide by all the Kansas rules on the program before they can drive your car.

Some of the requirements include those who drive your car with a breathalyzer must be ready to comply with the periodic retests. If they fail to take the retest, they could be entirely locked out.

Then, everyone who drives an IID equipped vehicle in Kansas must always blow into the breathalyzer and pass the test. Remember, the car is mechanically programmed only to allow individuals who do not have high levels of alcohol content in their breath and blood.

If you want someone to be driving your car regularly, then they should go through the ALCOLOCK training program that will help them learn how to use the device. This enables you to prevent situations when the individual feels that test inadvertently.

Remember if anyone fails the test when trying to drive it shall be your name that will be reported. Therefore it’s essential to begin to choose individuals who are responsible.

How to enable mechanics and parking attendants to drive your car with a breathalyzer

Another issue that crops up is when your car needs repair, yet it has an interlock device installed. It’s always important to inform your ALCOLOCK service center that you will need some time to repair your car. The good thing is your mechanic can blow into the device, and they will be allowed to go ahead and drive or test it. You need to keep a record of the time and day that the repairs were made so that you can explicitly explain the test results.

The same case applies to the valet parking attendant. But in this case, you must always instruct them on how to use the device. Sometimes you may want to park your car yourself instead of the inconveniences that come with the parking attendant.


Always remember that you are personally held responsible for the test results on the interlock device. So, never allow anyone who has been drinking to drive or try testing your car because it’s you who will fail the test.

Remember, the purpose of an interlock device is to ensure you don’t drive her drunk. It’s mechanically installed, and therefore no drunken individual can start your car. So, you must always explain to individuals who want to drive your vehicle with a breathalyzer on how to use it.


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