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Wichita Interlock Company – Customer Service & Quality Service Statement

The only two drivers of sustainable and long term businesses. There is no business without clients. The client is the only reason you have a job and only reason there is a business to run.

Clients/Customers need the following:

  • They need communication.
  • The key to any relationship is communication.
  • They need to know you care
  • They need to feel like they are a priority

As an owner of our business, our goal should not be as much about growth as it is about relationship with customers. Growth organically and naturally happens when the customer is satisfied.

Quality Service is why people want to use you.

If you are treating a client like another number, they feel that, and really business is just another scheme for making money.

Quality Service speaks for itself to a client, they will know you care about them and the product by how well you do your craft.

Values have to be imprinted into your business by you. Quality has to be one of the top two values in any industry. If you don’t care about quality, then it trickles down into our teams.

If you don’t go above and beyond for your customers and you don’t do quality business then you are only doing temporary work and you are just another business that is gonna get by.

So ask yourself today…

Do you want to go to the next level or you just want to be another business?

We would hope that over the last 4 years, everyone who has used Interlock would walk away with something positive from our company. 60% of our business is word of mouth!

As a small business, we hope to see other small businesses flourish!

Just remember…

  1. Customer Service
  2. Quality Service