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Wichita Interlock Company Superheroes

We’re more than just a few people, our team is not just the people that work here but the people that get help through us, which we treat like family.

Your Another Chance at Driving

Wichita DUI Ignition Interlock Company is a locally and family owned company providing ignition interlock services in Wichita, KS and the surrounding areas. The business was started by being given our own second chance We have branched off from our bail bonds service to better help the community. Our faith drives us to have better values and morals to help serve our customers diligently.

Your safety is our top priority. Through the use of the ignition interlock devices, we ensure that not only are you kept safe when intoxicated, but people around you don’t pay the price for it either. Our goal is to strive for a safer community and decrease the number DUI cases.

Ryan Eastep

Ryan Eastep is the owner of The Wichita Interlock Company. He has been in business since 2015 and built the entire business from the ground up, with the help of an amazing team of course. The business has gone from 0 clients in 2015, to now serving over 500 clients monthly. It's his heart to see people get a fair experience in an already difficult situation. It's the word of mouth that makes the business possible. We want to thank you Wichita for choosing us to be your interlock providers.

taylor thornburg wichita interlock 2023

Taylor Thornburg

Taylor Thornburg has been with Wichita Interlock Company for 3 years. Taylor is our service technician who handles our installs and de-installs for all our vehicles. When it comes to trusting a company with your car, you can bet on us because we have Taylor.

kris hall wichita interlock 2023

Kristopher Hall

Kris has been with Wichita Interlock Company for 6 years. Kris is our manager at Wichita Interlock Company and has expertise in cars that is one of a kind. He makes sure our interlock business functions at the highest level for clients and cars alike.

donna khamsysopha wichita interlock 2023

Donna Khamsysopha

Donna has been with Wichita Interlock Company for 1 year now. She is our customer service specialist making sure all clients are greeted with kindness and expertise during a difficult process. She makes the interlock process an easy one.