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How Long Does Interlock Lock You Out

How long are you locked out of the car after failing a breathalyzer from an interlock device?

Answer: About 10-15 minutes

It’s really best to just not drink before you get into a car. They say 1 hour per drink is safe but to be extra safe we suggest either not drinking at all if you know you have to drive that day or 3 hours. Don’t try the mouthwash excuse and don’t use alcoholic mouthwash.

If you fail your breathalyzer you run the risk of extending your probationary period.

Having A Friend Blow For You

Interlock also causes you to have to blow into it during your drive, so if you are stopped at a stoplight, you may have to blow at the intersection to keep the car going. So having a friend blow into it doesn’t work unless they will be driving you home.


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