Wichita Interlock Company


Starla R


I’ve had interlock for the past 2 1/2 yrs. Great customer service and very professional. Never had problems with my interlock, Ryan and Dante we’re always prompt with their service and worked around my busy schedule. Best pricing and device in town!!!! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!!! Thanks guys!!!!

Bayleigh N


Great organization, and excellent customer service

Dave Chrans


Awesome, friendly customer service!

Trudy Stull


I’m very happy to confidently recommend Wichita Interlock Company if you need an interlock device or any of their other services. Despite what I thought at first, they’ll make sure you’re taken care of. =)

Jay S


Kris hall makes you feel so welcome soon as you walk in the door. by time you leave you will feel like part of the family

Trenton A


Great group of people here giving you the Wichita Interlock Company you need!

Isaac R.


Best in town hands down!!



Excellent family owned business that genuinely cares about people

Sean C


I think the company is outstanding. And they continue to make a difference in the community on a daily.

Hannah K


Very professional and did not make me feel nervous at all about getting the Interelock installed!! Understands about mistakes and no judgement made! Would recommend to anyone, they will take care of you!!

Kemmy Jo


I just completed my DUI ignition interlock today. Had it for two years! They are a great company to work with for your interlock needs.

Andrew K


Thanks for the help Kristopher Hall. Feels good to be back on the road. Highly recommend using Wichita Interlock Company. Very friendly and fast.

Cody Rosenhamer

Great service and fast with great workers.

Gunner N

Wichita Interlock Company is by far the best place to get your interlock device..I highly recommend them

Cassie M

The guys are very knowledgeable, nice, and professional. They are super flexible, and always in a good mood.

Marcus S

Always fast and friendly. No hassles or added stress. Recommend for all of their services.

Cole W

Great group of guys to work with, while being very understanding of the situation you are in. The pricing is very affordable with the lowest rates I’ve found. If you’re looking for top-notch quality and service, Wichita Interlock Company is the place to go.

Charles Shepherd

Guys at Wichita Interlock Company know their stuff. They always take care of calibrations quick, and the install and uninstall were a breeze. Hope to never see them again in a professional setting.

Racheal H

Amazing service, even went out of his way to work with my schedule. He was very informing on everything I need to do and also gave me a YouTube video link in case I had any other questions! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jesse M

Ryan and “Dr. Interlock” Dante are both very knowledgeable guys, easy to work with and no hidden fees like the other interlock companies out there. They are very professional and took the time to explain how the equipment works, and are flexible enough to work with me on my appointment days to get my equipment serviced!