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What Happens If I Fail An Interlock Breathalyzer

failing an interlock dui test

What Happens If I Fail An Interlock Breathalyzer?

First, if you fail an interlock breathalyzer by blowing around a .04 or higher, your vehicle will not start. Second, you run the chance of violating your probation and being summoned, and most likely get a longer sentence to continue using the device, or worse.

You are responsible for avoiding food, drinks and anything else that may have alcohol enough in it to set off your breathalyzer.  Remember that judges have heard it all, and even the best excuses are going to make a judges eyes glaze over with boredom and disbelief.  If you fail, make sure you have a decent lawyer.

Also remember that an ignition breathalyzer will require you to take it again while driving within 10 more minutes of starting your engine the first time.

What Causes A Failed Breathalyzer?

A lot of different things can make a breathalyzer fail, including..

  • Fermented fruit
  • Mouthwash (like Listerine)
  • Energy drinks
  • Having drank the night before

Even bread or pizza dough that has fermented may cause a negative breathalyzer test.


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