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Can I Get A DUI Expunged In Kansas?

There is a first-timers DUI  Diversion available in Wichita and Kansas…

A DUI Diversion is an exceptional program that can allow you to avoid being convicted of a DUI if you meet certain criteria. It only applies in cases where the driver has not been charged with causing any injuries, or accidents while operating their vehicle and have never had charges related before in either Kansas or another state.

You must meet the following criteria…

  • No prior alcohol-related violations in any state
  • Did not involve anyone getting hurt
  • It won’t work for a commercial drivers license holder
  • Must apply for the diversion within 60 days of your arrest
  • Pay a $25 application fee

To apply for this, fill out this DUI Diversion Application Form and then take it to the court at..

Municipal Court Clerk’s Office
455 N Main, 2nd Floor
Wichita, KS 67202

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