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There are a lot of questions when people call regarding the Ignition Interlock and the process of the Ignition Interlock. Over at Wichita DUI Ignition Interlock Company, we got in business with this device to simply be a service provider for those that might need it that come across our bail bonds office. It then began to grow and we liked the process of what was taking place. We know that we are one of the most competitive companies in town for the quality that each customer is getting when it comes to problems.

This ignition interlock device is one of the best on the market. I got asked questions today regarding the license process and it lead me to go ahead and write about it.

Interlock Requirements & Suspensions

Ignition Interlock requirements and suspensions are two different things. You can request an ignition interlock in your vehicle for when you are on suspension and get it in your car for the required suspension time. This helps people to get their license back early and go to and from work while they have a suspended. This is only for those who have had their license suspended because of a DUI related issue.

Once you get done with the suspension, then the actual Ignition Interlock time starts and you can begin your countdown to the reinstatement of you license.
This is process that is required by the state. Even if you beat the DUI in court, a lot of times, it is still required by the state that you have an ignition interlock in your car. It is a service that has to be provided for the state and it is a service that has to be provided so people can get their license back.

We are able to provide the ignition interlock for those who need it and we guarantee the most competitive prices in town for the best customer service in town. Look no further than Wichita DUI Ignition Interlock Company when needing Interlock services.

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