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2nd Chance Industries Is Growing


2nd Chance Industries Is Growing In Wichita

It is not exactly new but we are growing and we are asking that you get on board with us and share our services.

Wichita DUI Ignition Interlock Company has been in business now for 2 years and we started from the ground with 0 clientele and now we are up to almost 200 clients providing the best device on the market in LifeSafer. Unfortunately, people drink and drive all the time and there are consequences to making bad decisions. We never really thought that we would grow to be what we are right now but the business has actually grown.

We are continuing to provide the best customer service in town with the most competitive pricing around when it comes to the ignition interlock in Wichita, Kansas.

We are in this now for 2nd Chances at driving. We are growing and we want to give the best prices in town with the best satisfaction in town when it comes to the ignition interlock services. We are a company that will price match anywhere else because we want you to come through us. We want to be your service provider when it comes to getting your license back. We are confident that no one is going to take care of you the way that we want to take care of you.

DUI Ignition Interlock is mandatory when you get driving under the influence, so we simply want to be the provider that you choose because we know we can save you money, time and energy on getting your license back. Please spread the word and help us continue to grow in the Wichita, Kansas area.

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