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Ryan Eastep – Statistics About DUI’s

drunk driving in wichita

Ryan Eastep – Statistics About DUI’s

Obviously, driving under the influence and getting DUI’s are not a acceptable and we do not want to see people get a DUI. People like to go out and drink and party with their friends and really have no intention of hurting someone or getting in an accident after they have been drinking.

The problem is, most accidents happen after someone is intoxicated. The simple DUI is still as bad as the one that got into an accident because of the consequences that are known to happen when drinking and driving. At Wichita DUI Ignition Interlock Company, we want to know more about what is happening when it comes to drinking and driving. We have seen how many people need ignition interlock systems in their cars and we have also seen that there is a wide variety of service providers for the ignition interlock systems in town.

DUI Statistics

I was doing  little research saw that 40.3% of all people who get DUI are between the age 18-29. This is a crazy statistic because it is broken down into 5 year increments and it shows that 18-24 years of age makeup 25.3% of the DUI’s that happen in the United States and that is a 1/4 of all the population. 15% are between the age of 25-29 which means it slows down but that is still a crazy percentage of people that are getting caught drinking and driving. Can you imagine the numbers if everyone who drank and drive got caught? People lose their lives in a result to drinking and driving.

For me personally, drinking adds no value whatsoever to my life and just decided one day that drinking was no longer going to be a part of my life.

Wichita DUI Ignition Interlock Company is here to make sure the roads are safe and at the same time, we can allow people to overcome their mistakes and get their license back so they can drive again normally. The interlock system is in the car to make sure that drinking and driving cannot happen. The state sets an amount of time that it has to be in the car for the particular driver and we are here as a service provider to make sure they can do just that.

Most importantly though, we would like to see the number of DUI’s go down and to keep our roads and our kids safe. We know that we get a chance to talk with individuals on a real level and let them get to know the importance of never drinking and driving again for the time that they are coming into see us.

We want to be the provider for anyone you know who has gotten a DUI. We do believe that we are helping the process of getting a license back and planting seeds of importance in their hearts and minds pertaining to the influence alcohol can have on the mind. Have a good day and God Bless!

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