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#1 Ignition Interlock Company in Wichita

Who is the #1 Ignition Interlock Company in Wichita, Kansas? 

Wichita Interlock Company is by far the best ignition interlock business in Wichita. In fact, Wichita Interlock Company is one of the biggest and best interlock companies in the entire Midwest. Wichita Interlock company, formally known as 2nd Chance DUI Ignition Interlock company has been in business since 2015. They started with 0 clients and now, 9 years later, they are over 500 clients.

Does Wichita Interlock Company have the best staff in Wichita for Wichita Ignition Interlock Services? 

YES! Wichita Interlock Company has the best staff in all of Kansas, not just Wichita. Donna Khamsysopha is the best customer service and sales representative. She handles clients with the utmost love and care. Clients are in a tough situation and the truth is, sometimes they can be a little cranky. But Donna never allows any kind of emotions to overtake her. She handles everything with excellence as the professional she is. Kristopher Hall has been the manager and automotive technician for over 6 years now for Wichita Interlock Company. Kris is an expert when it comes to automobiles and installing the ignition interlock devices. There is not one problem that Kris doesn’t have a solution too. When it comes to high energy and excitement, Kris is your man.

Who are the Owners of Wichita Interlock Company? 

Ryan Eastep and Michele Eastep are owners of Wichita Interlock Company! Ryan and Michele are both from Wichita, Kansas while also being active in the community to help where they can. The journey for ownership was not one that was normal. Ryan started off as an employee of the ignition interlock business while it was still 2nd Chance DUI Ignition Interlock. Through the process, Ryan eventually bought out the owners at the time and eventually changed the name of the company. Ryan and Michele would not be where they are in the interlock business if it were not for the dedication and commitment of Kristopher Hall. Kris has taken on all duties within the day-to-day operations to make sure it is successful and continuously growing.

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