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Ryan Eastep – About Ignition Interlock & DUI’s

The last blog I got on here and talked about the ignition interlock system and asked some questions about the ignition interlock system. So many people are quick to say the ignition interlock system sucks. There are also a lot of people out there that feel like people who have a DUI should not be able to drive again at all.

At Wichita DUI Ignition Interlock Company, we are kind of in the crossfire and we are just trying to be of service to both sides which is good and bad.

Innocent Lives Are Affected

It is illegal to drink and drive and people make that choice all the time and when they get caught, there are consequences that come with that decision. Before a person starts drinking, they know they cannot drink and drive. There are lives that are affected by many that do drink and drive and the state has made it mandatory for those who get caught to get one installed in their car in order to drive legally again. The ignition interlock system works for both parties.

It is a safeguard to prevent those who have gotten a DUI, from drinking and driving and it also helps them on a restricted period to get their license back when they complete the interlock program. You obviously cannot make everyone happy so there has to be a medium and the state has decided that this is it for the time being!

The ignition interlock system is required for now and will continue to be until there is a system that is better than the ignition interlock.

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