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Getting Your License Unsuspended From A DUI In Kansas

If your license has been suspended in Kansas due to a DUI, you can get it unsuspended by applying to the court for a restricted ignition interlock status after a $100 application fee.

Where In Kansas Do You Go To Get Interlock After You Have Been Approved For One?

You have to find an install service like an audio auto shop or go to an Interlock Specialist, like us. You cannot do it yourself.

What Does An Ignition Interlock Device Service Cost?

On average, most interlock companies charge about $75 for the installation, $75 every month for the duration of use, and another $75 to uninstall it when the period of use expires.

Here at Wichita Interlock Company, we are personable and local. No hidden costs and no fine print in a long contract.  We have unbeatable pricing. It may vary by vehicle type, call us for details.

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