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Who Is Most Likely to Get a DUI?

who is most likely to get a dui

Anyone who drinks alcohol or takes drugs and takes control over the wheel in under the risk of committing a DUI.

However, statistics show that some people are more represented among DUI drivers than others. A few examples:

  • Men are two times more likely to commit a DUI than women
  • Young drivers aged between 21 and 24 make one-third of all DUI offenses in the US.

These statistics do not exclude anyone from the risk of committing DUI, however.

How Many Drinks Per BAC Level For A DUI?

It can vary based on the tolerance level of the person, and the height and weight or build of the person as well.

Examples of BAC Levels…

  • Full grown tall/large 200+ pound man = 4+ drinks to equal a .08 BAC level
  • Small petite woman = 2+ drinks to equal a .08 BAC level

See how a DUI can affect your life.

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